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There are cactus friends and flower friends in our lives. Learn with us, how to find friends that don’t stick you.

Cactus Friends

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Cactus Friends

Flower Friends


Call guidance at the TOLL FREE number below for your … FREE CONSULTATION… TO DETERMIN THE BEST PLAN FOR YOU and your situation. She is waiting to listen. 888 512 4445 All affordable discounts and payment arrangements are arranged and accepted by phone, before accessing the price and services pay portal.

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Our Services

We provide critical personal assistance on a frequent and sometimes daily basis. Otherwise as needed, via phone-voice, text and email to our clients throughout their journey of discovery, crisis, healing and recovery. This process can take anywhere from 1 year, to 18 months. Our membership prices cover our clients’ accomplishments and not our time. No two situations or injuries are alike and must be mentored on a case-by-case basis.


Perpetuating Our training to the world.

Graduate Members Become Mentors to others in their lives. We then re-introduce them to the healthy side of society through continuing support and education from our mentoring we provided to all graduate members. As a group, we become a domino effect for eliminating a dysfunctional section of society, creating a choice of a healthier social experience for many.


Membership Benefits

  • New and improved healthy lifestyles, generating joy and happiness that’s on going and the freedom of toxic domination.
  • Immediate new self empowerment.
  • Crisis accompaniment with educational support.
  • Grief Relief.
  • Clarity with confusion erase.
  • New confidence in yourself and your future.
  • The reconstruction of your previously assassinated character.
  • A reconstructed and revitalized individuality.
  • Memory recall recovery, working better to best.
  • Self control of daily schedule functionality.
  • Reintroduction to a healthier portion of society as an independent, healed and recovered contributing citizen in society, who is free of their past and capable of creating and living their dreams while emerging as a mentor to their friends, loved ones and others in their life.

When I do something wrong don’t forget about all the things I’ve done right!